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How Patient Health Data Access Drives Patient Engagement

Without health data access, patients cannot fully review their personal health information and cannot be fully engaged in their care.

As the healthcare industry continues to focus on improving patient engagement, experts regularly discuss the importance of patient health data access, saying that it’s imperative to boosting patient involvement in care.

But thinking about patient health data access can be complicated. Few patients actually have stacks of files in their houses detailing their every care encounter. Most patients leave their health data to their providers, despite the industry’s changing attitude that it’s important that patients have access to their data.

Why do patients really need access to their medical records? And how do they gain access? Below, we answer those questions and break down the basics of patient health data access.


It is important to address why patients really need health data access. After all, aren’t their physicians the ones who truly need to be in the know?

Under older healthcare models that may have been true, but as the healthcare industry transitions into patient-centered care models, it’s important that providers empower patients with their own health data and use that to foster patient engagement.

Promoting patient health data access also has its logistical advantages. Providers have much going on during a patient visit between current patient needs, remembering their past medical history, and the long to-do list physicians often have.

In REMEDi, we are against any abuse committed by any parties, including by our internal team. But what we feel now, in Malaysia, allowing patients to control to whom can access their medical data is an important cornerstone to get the ball rolling for other health data related awareness. We feel that the positives outweigh the negatives.