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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The ultimate one-stop center for healthcare solution

REMEDi, an all-in-one healthcare solution, is designed to cater to your healthcare's needs in today's all-connected world, securely and trustworthily. It does not matter where or whom you seek treatment. Register once, and you have access to REMEDi, wherever and whenever you want.

Our product offerings

Electronic medical record.

Easy setup.

All medical data secured with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

Medical output data stored in blockchain technology.

Clinic Management System.

Ultra lean and simple to use.

E2E includes inventory, queue, treatment order, invoice, finance, claims and admin dashboard.

Patient app to book, manage the queue and consult personal medical services.

Patient Relationship Management.

Build long-lasting brand.

Patient profiling and analytics for a customized care plan, follow up and targeted promotional campaign.

Public health analytics tailored for clinical research, community health programs, NCD's preventions, disease trends and many more.

Employee Health and 

Workplace safety.

Employees' safety is priority.

HSSE management tool for medical emergency, consultation and medical evacuation.

Employee medical and healthcare program for onboarding, operational and offboarding.


Open API policy

As a provider, we understand the challenges of integrating multiple existing sources and we believe in the untapped potential benefits for every patient, citizen and medical facility.

We designed REMEDi data to be highly interoperable with external sources through secure, ethical and proven standards. (Refer our Privacy Policy)

Whether you are from for-profit or not-for-profit initiatives, REMEDi's open API is available for integration.

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